Fontinha Hub

The intervention area is located in the parish of Santo Ildefonso, in one of the most emblematic areas of the city of Porto, not long after the medieval center. The academic year exercise consisted in the creation of a new urban fabric that could be incorporated in the pre-existing fabric, quite heterogeneous among it, due to the unplanned urban growth of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Later on, we should develop in more detail one of the urban blocks proposed.

The choice of the block to be developed in greater detail took into account the contaminating effect generated by the great flow of people that takes place in two streets: Avenida Gonçalo Cristóvão and Rua de Santa Catarina, due to the generous traditional trade stores on them.
The conceptual design of the buildings and the exterior was based on the intersection between the diagonal mesh from the pedestrian path created and the orthogonal mesh associated with the two streets aforementioned.

Bearing in mind this exercise was essentially a low-cost multi-family housing project, I have also developed new programs that took into account the needs of the local population, such as a civic center, a restaurant and a low-cost hotel, as well as another block of multi-family housing, facing the main street Avenida Gonçalo Cristóvão.

As for the public space, two plazas were proposed – related with the restaurant and the civic center – which could be considered as moments of pausa, in addition to the aforementioned diagonal path, which invites people to cross this block.